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The far-right former president of the United States, Donald Trump, suffered yet another setback in the primaries for this year’s election. As determined by the Illinois Court, taken this Wednesday (28), the Republican’s name is prohibited from appearing on the party’s primary ballots, scheduled to take place on March 19, which makes him ineligible in the state.

The decision responded to the request of a group of local voters, called Freedom of Expression for the People. In the lawsuit, they argued that Trump should be disqualified from participating in both the primaries and the Nov. 5 election. Judge Tracie Porter, however, determined that the decision, focused on the primaries, will not be valid until a possible appeal by the former president’s defense is analyzed.

The request has as its legal basis the fact that Trump violated the insurrection clause contained in the US Constitution due to his involvement in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. According to the 14th Amendment, people who swore to defend the Constitution and were involved in insurrection, rebellion or those who helped the country’s enemies are prohibited from holding public office.

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That day, when, in a joint session, Congress was to confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, Trump made an impassioned speech against the results of the polls, alleging that there had been fraud, which led to the invasion of the Capitol by his supporters. The attacks resulted in five deaths and more than 60 injuries, in addition to damage to public property.

Previous decisions, by courts in Colorado and Maine, also sought to prevent Trump’s name from appearing on ballots. In the case of Colorado — whose primaries are scheduled for March 5, as in Maine — Trump appealed the decision, made in December, and the case is now being analyzed by the US Supreme Court. The trial began on the 8th and the decision to be taken will apply to all states.

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At the beginning of February, a federal court in Washington decided to reject the former president’s defense thesis, claiming the Republican’s presidential immunity in the processes in which he is responsible for trying to reverse his electoral defeat, in 2020, and for the invasion of the Capitol, in 2021. verdict confirms a lower court sentence. This Wednesday (28), the Supreme Court announced that it will judge Trump’s defense appeal in April.

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