Current president showed weakness and stuttered when talking about immigration; economy and security were central issues

United States presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump were face to face in a debate for the first time in 4 years on Thursday (June 27, 2024). For 90 minutes, the Republican launched aggressive attacks against the Democrat, who appeared wavering and confused at various times.

The former president again made unsubstantiated claims about the 2020 election, while Biden spoke quickly and at times appeared to lose track in his responses. He accused the Republican of lying and posing a threat to democracy.

Journalists and political analysts considered Biden’s performance to be weak. His campaign is trying to minimize the negative repercussions, arguing that he did better than Trump on important issues, despite being pressured at several times.

The debate began with a question for Biden about inflation. The president, his voice hoarse from the flu, responded by highlighting improvements in economic data during his term. “You have to see what I inherited when I became president” —he coughed— “what Mr. Trump left for me”these.

The Republican hit back by criticizing Biden for having “thrown money away” and blamed it for rising inflation in the US. Biden said there was no inflation during the Republican administration because the economy was “stagnant”.

At several points, Trump has directly criticized Biden, describing him as “weak” and little respected by global leaders who “knife” his. He reiterated that the conflicts in Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip would not happen under his watch.

Another topic that stood out was Joe Biden’s management of the border. Trump frequently mentioned the issue of illegal immigration, stating that the president was allowing illegal immigrants to enter “terrorists” e “criminals”as well as suggesting that the economy is not thriving because of alleged job theft by immigrants.


As expected, the issue of abortion was one of the most controversial topics between the candidates.

When asked about abortion pills, Trump said he would not block access to the drugs. This month, the Supreme Court rejected a request from anti-abortion groups that the court restrict access to mifepristone, an abortion pill.

However, Trump has repeatedly criticized Biden for promising to restore Roe vs. Wadeincorrectly claiming that this would allow doctors “taking the baby’s life in the 9th month and even after birth”.

The current president declared that the issue should be decided exclusively between women and their doctors, and classified it as “absurd” the attempt at interference by politicians. In contrast, Trump accused the Democrats of being “radicals” in relation to the topic.

The issue of abortion rights became very relevant after the US Supreme Court overturned the case law Roe vs. Wade. The case was decided in the early 1970s and guaranteed for decades women’s legal right to abortion, a rule that is defined in every US state.

Biden has always declared himself in favor of abortion rights. During his campaign, he used the issue to try to gain support from women in the electoral process. He also blamed Trump for “chaos” caused by the annulment of the court decision that guaranteed the right to the procedure in the country.

The 2022 Supreme Court decision was made with the decisive votes of three justices nominated and appointed by Trump: conservatives Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. With the measure, several states have already begun to impose severe restrictions and bans on abortion.

Trump stated that “everyone, including Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives”wanted to revoke Roe vs. Wade to allow States to create their own laws on the subject. Biden countered that claim as “ridiculous”arguing that “the vast majority of constitutional experts” supported the case law when it was initially decided.

Previously, the Republican had already declared that he was “strongly in favor” the right to abortion in cases such as rape, incest and life-threatening situations. He defended this position again in the debate on Thursday (June 27), stating that people should “follow your hearts”.


Immigration is a sensitive topic for the 2 candidates, especially for the North American president. Part of voters understand that Biden has been lenient on the entry of foreigners looking to move to the USA.

During the debate, Trump tried to explore the topic as much as possible. Whenever possible, he tried to steer the debate towards the topic. This choice is part of the Republican’s campaign strategy, which in 2017 saw proposals such as building a wall along the border with Mexico attract more conservative voters and lead him to the presidency.

At various times, Trump has stated that while he was president the borders were secure and there was no “terrorists” In the USA. In parallel, he said that Biden opened the country’s doors “for people who came from psychiatric hospitals” e “criminals”.

The Biden administration has been criticized for the way it manages the entry of people across the country’s border with Mexico.

Trump, on the other hand, is known for his uncompromising stance against illegal immigration. The former president has even not ruled out the possibility of establishing detention camps and has promised to deport illegal immigrants. “ASAP”.


Trump has once again questioned Biden’s ability to govern because of his age (81). The Democrat is currently the oldest president in US history. If reelected, he would end his term at 86.

The Republican recalled the cognitive tests he took as president, challenging Biden to do the same. “I took 2 cognitive tests and I did very well” said the Republican, who is 78 years old, without specifying which tests he took.

“I just won 2 club championships [de golfe]not even in the senior category. For that, you need to be quite smart and hit the ball far”continued.

During the debate, Trump repeatedly claimed that the president was “unfit” to participate in the event. The US president, who will turn 82 in November, avoided going into detail about his suitability for a second term in the White House. Instead, he focused on his accomplishments as president in an attempt to show that he is fit to continue in office.

But Biden showed fragility during the 1st presidential debate. At several moments, he seemed to be rambling. At other times, he got stuck and couldn’t finish his thoughts, like when he discussed Medicare and immigration.

Other highlights of the debate

  • Ukraine – The North American government has been criticized for hesitations and controversies in dealing with international crises. As US debt soars, the Democrat continues to defend sending resources. Trump, on the other hand, declared that if he had been in power, the war would not have even been started. The Republican stated that he would resolve the conflict even before being elected, but did not detail how.
  • abortion – Trump has said he would not ban access to abortion pills and is in favor of exceptions for the procedure. Biden has said he supports constitutional protections for abortion and says politicians have no say in women’s health;
  • Afghanistan – the republican classified as “the most shameful day in the country’s history” when Biden ordered the withdrawal of US troops from the Asian country;
  • conflict in Gaza – Biden cited the UN Security Council’s support for the ceasefire proposal presented by the US and said he had restricted arms sales to Israel. Trump said the Hamas attack also would not have been carried out if he were president and did not answer whether he would support a Palestinian state;
  • invasion of the Capitol – Trump dodged. He said that “I had practically nothing to do”. Declared that, on the date, “the economy was stronger” and the border “I was safer”;
  • processo de Trump X Hunter Biden – the Democrat stated that no other US president “had sex with porn stars”. Trump denied the accusation and cited Hunter Biden’s conviction for illegally possessing a gun.


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