Morgan Spurlock turned his experience at a fast food chain into the documentary “Super Size Me”, nominated for an Oscar in 2005

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, 53, known for the documentary “Super Size Me: the clown diet” (2004), died on Thursday (May 23, 2024). According to the family, the death was caused by complications from cancer.

In the film for which he became known, Spurlock spent 1 month eating only McDonalds and documenting the consequences of the diet (read more below). He was married twice and left 2 children: Laken and Kallen.

“It was a sad day when we said goodbye to my brother Morgan. He gave so much through his art, ideas and generosity. Today the world lost a true creative genius and a special man. I am very proud to have worked together with him”declared Chris Spurlock, the director’s brother and partner in some of his projects, according to the American magazine Variety.

“Super Size Me”

The documentary released in 2004 was budgeted at US$65,000 and made US$22 million at the box office.

Morgan Spurlock received the award for best director at the Sundance Festival and best screenplay at the WGA Awards (Hollywood screenwriters’ awards), in addition to being nominated for best feature-length documentary at the 2005 Oscar for his work.

In addition to the diet limited to McDonalds fast food, Spurlock subjected himself to a series of rules throughout the experiment. Example: I couldn’t refuse the option “super size” (the largest size) of orders if it were offered by the network’s attendants.

At the end of 30 days, Spurlock reported having gained 11 kg, having symptoms of depression and liver dysfunction.

Watch the trailer for “Super Size Me: the clown diet” (57s):

Who was Morgan Spurlock

Born on November 7, 1970, in Parkersburg, Virginia (USA), Morgan Spurlock graduated in film from New York University in 1993.

He produced and directed around 70 documentaries, such as “Where is Osama Bin Laden?”(2008), e “This is how you sell a film” (2011), in addition to television series.

The American director was also involved in #MeToo, a movement against harassment of women. “I’m part of the problem”disse Spurlock.


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