Opposition deputies confronted the minister who authored the text during a vote on state autonomy this Thursday (June 13)

The Italian Chamber of Deputies suspended 11 congressmen this Thursday (June 13, 2024) after a fight during the legislative session. The conflict would have started when Leonardo Donno (Movimento 5 Estrelas) was attacked with a punch by Igor Iezzi (Liga) and had to be removed from the place in a wheelchair.

The controversy began on Wednesday (June 12), when opposition members showed the Italian flag and sang the national anthem in opposition to a proposal for state autonomy. The text is by Roberto Calderoli, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy.

The situation worsened when Donno approached Calderoli with the flag, leading to an intervention attempt by other congressmen, which culminated in the fight.

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As a result, Iezzi was suspended for 15 days. Donno will be left out of parliamentary sessions for 4 days. Another 9 deputies who participated in the clash will also be barred.

The punishment was announced this Thursday (June 13) by the president of the Chamber of Deputies. “We cannot accept that the country is also hostage to this climate of continuous intimidation”said Lorenzo Fontana.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/briga-na-camara-italiana-leva-a-suspensao-de-11-deputados/

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