According to the Israeli Prime Minister, agents should be deployed to the border with Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday (June 23, 2024) that the intense fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip is coming to an end, but that the war will not end until the extremist group leaves control Of region.

According to Netanyahu, the focus of the Israeli Forces should shift to the country’s northern border, with Lebanon. Fighting with Hezbollah – an Islamic extremist group that operates in Lebanon, is financed by Iran and allied with Hamas – has intensified in recent weeks and Israelis have had to leave their homes.

After the end of the intense phase, we will have the possibility of moving part of the Forces to the north. And we will do that. Firstly, for defensive purposes. And, secondly, to bring residents to your homes”, said the Israeli prime minister in an interview with Canal 14from Israel.

If we can, we will do so diplomatically. Otherwise, we will do it another way. But we will bring [os residentes] for home”, he added.

Hezbollah has said several times that it will cease fire when Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip ends, but that it is also ready to continue fighting if attacks on Lebanon continue.

Asked when the phase of intense fighting against Hamas will end, Netanyahu replied that “very soon”, but highlighted that its military will continue operating in Gaza.

I am not willing to end the war and leave Hamas as it is”, said Netanyahu, repeating that he does not support the idea of ​​the Palestinian Authority, based in the West Bank, taking over the administration of Gaza in place of the extremist group.

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On Tuesday (June 18), Hezbollah released images recorded by drone of the port city of Haifa, in northern Israel. Afterwards, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, and the country’s military announced that they are ready for a total war against the extremist group.

“We are very close to the moment to decide whether we will change the rules against Hezbollah and Lebanon. In an all-out war, Hezbollah will be destroyed and Lebanon will be severely hit.”wrote Katz on his X (formerly Twitter) profile.

The head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, made threats to Israel and Cyprus during a television broadcast on Wednesday (June 19). If there is a war in the region, Nasrallah said that “there will be no place safe from missiles and drones” Israelis.

The current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah has been going on for 8 months, in parallel with Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The head of Hezbollah warned that Cyprus could become a target if the country allows Israel to use military bases and airports to attack Lebanon.

In response, Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides said that the country does not support either side in the conflict and that “It’s not part of the problem, it’s part of the solution.”


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