A paper written “bomb” was found on an IndiGo airline flight at New Delhi airport; the threat was false and all passengers are safe

A fake bomb threat made passengers of an IndiGo airline flight, at New Delhi airport (India), were emergency evacuated via the aircraft’s wing this Tuesday morning (May 28, 2024). The plane was preparing to take off from New Delhi to the city of Varanasi at the moment when a note written “’[email protected]“, was found in the bathroom by a crew member.

Authorities were called and 176 passengers were removed from the aircraft so that the bomb squad could investigate the threat. Following standard safety protocols, all passengers were safely evacuated and a thorough inspection of the aircraft was conducted. No suspicious objects were found. The information is from the Asian newspaper ANI News.

According to an Indian police officer, the threat was false, but “investigations are ongoing” by local authorities.

Watch the video (32s):

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/ameaca-de-bomba-falsa-em-voo-na-india-assusta-passageiros/

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