According to the institution, the purchase of new aircraft is under analysis, but there are no quantities or versions already defined.

The FAB (Brazilian Air Force) reported that it is studying the purchase of a used batch of F-16 fighters, military equipment from the United States Air Force.

According to the FAB, the purchase is not related to the capacity of the Gripen, Swedish fighters acquired in 2022 by the Brazilian government. At the time, the acquisition of the 36 aircraft cost 39.3 billion Swedish crowns, a value equivalent to just over R$20 billion and was financed over 25 years.

In the same period, the institution had announced that it would hold a new round of negotiations with the Swedish government to purchase another 26 planes, but the transition did not occur.

To date, no negotiations are being carried out with governments or companies, nor have quantities or versions been defined. The only interactions carried out on the topic aimed to collect data”, stated the Air Force, in a statement.


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