The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, declared this Thursday (5) that the bloc will not be able to compensate US financial aid to Ukraine if it is suspended. He appealed to Washington not to stop supporting Kiev.

“It is clear that Europe cannot replace the United States. Of course we can do more, but the United States is indispensable in helping Ukraine,” said Borrell, quoted by the portal European Truth. The statement was made during the European Political Community summit in Spain.

On September 30, the US Congress managed to reach an agreement on a short-term budget that will allow the US administration to work over the next 45 days before the next vote.

The document, voted on in both houses of parliament and signed by the country’s president, Joe Biden, does not provide for financing for Ukraine. Borrell then said that the European Union will continue to provide support to the country, as well as continue working with Washington to maintain aid to Kiev.

“I hope that the Ukrainians have hope, and I think that anyone who does not want Putin to win this war should look for ways for the US to reconsider this issue and continue to support Ukraine”, highlighted the head of European diplomacy.

:: Understand that it happens after the fall of the president of the US House ::

President Joe Biden promised that the issue of additional assistance to Ukraine would be resolved soon, but did not give a timeline for when that might happen. So far, his administration has not introduced new bills to Congress to support the country in the current fiscal year.

The $24 billion budget bill, which included approximately $4 billion in short-term military aid to Ukraine, was eventually removed from the interim budget.

Also present at the summit, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in turn, expressed concern about the US impasse regarding financial aid to Kiev. According to him, there is “a difficult electoral period in the USA” with “many dissenting voices” in relation to American support.

The continuation of US military and financial aid to Ukraine is facing great internal resistance from representatives of the Republican Party, allies of Donald Trump, who is seeking to run again for president.

Editing: Leandro Melito


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