This will be the first time that the red planet will be shown in almost simultaneous images for Earth.

The ESA (European Space Agency) transmits this Friday (2.jun.2023) for the 1st time images of Mars almost simultaneously. The event is not actually live due to the delay for the signal with the records to reach Earth. Images will be displayed every 50 seconds for 1 hour.

“This will be the closest you can get to a live view of the red planet”, the agency said in a statement. The broadcast will start at 1pm (Brasília time).

According to the ESA, the time between the capture of images from orbit around Mars and the display on the screen will be around 18 minutes, with 17 minutes for light to travel from the neighboring planet to Earth and 1 minute for it to pass through the wires and servers of the ESA. agency on land soil.

The event celebrates the 20th anniversary of the launch “Mars Express”. Launched on June 2, 2003, the mission aims to capture three-dimensional images with more details of the surface of the red planet.

Watch the broadcast:

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