Measure aims to zero carbon dioxide emissions; text was approved by 340 votes in favor, 279 against

The European Parliament approved this Tuesday (14.Feb.2023) the bill that prohibits the sale of new vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel. The measure takes effect in 2035. Here is the full statement (167KB in English)

The European Union’s goal is to zero carbon dioxide emissions produced by new cars. The emission reduction targets for 2030 are 55% for cars and 50% for vans.

The text was approved by 340 votes in favor, 279 against and 21 abstentions. In a speech, the European deputy Karima Delli said the deal is “historical and reconciles the car and the climate”.

The parliamentary rapporteur for the project, Jan Huitema, said that the measure could make the electric car market more accessible. “Buying and driving zero-emission cars will become cheaper for consumers and a second-hand market will emerge more quickly. It makes sustainable driving accessible to everyone.”he stated.

He even says that the goals “create clarity for the auto industry and spur innovation and investment for automakers”.

The European Parliament also approved two other measures on the subject:

  • By December 2026, emissions and fuel and energy consumption data will be evaluated by a commission. A report will be produced to adjust manufacturers’ carbon dioxide emissions. The document will propose accompanying measures;
  • Every 2 years, starting at the end of 2025, the commission will publish a report to assess progress towards zero emission road mobility.

Now, the European Council will have to approve the text for it to enter into force.


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