Sipavibart is a long-acting antibody that provides protection to immunocompromised patients

AstraZeneca announced on Monday (July 1, 2024) that the European Union has accepted a request for its experimental COVID-19 prevention drug, called Sipavibart, to undergo accelerated review. Here is the full statement, in English (PDF – 139 kB).

According to the pharmaceutical company, the request to the EMA (European Medicines Agency) “was based on positive data from a late-stage trial, which showed the drug reduced the risk of infection in patients with weaker immunity”. The procedure seeks to speed up the standard evaluation for the release of medicines.

Sipavibart is a long-acting antibody that provides protection against COVID-19 to immunocompromised patients who do not respond adequately to vaccination. The EU granted the request, according to AstraZeneca, because it considers the drug to be “of great interest for public health and therapeutic innovation”.

COVID-19 viral load remains high in immunocompromised patients who are disproportionately affected compared to the general population, despite vaccination. With cases expected to surge in the winter months, adding further pressure to overburdened healthcare systems, sipavibart has the potential to be an important option for immunocompromised patients who remain at risk, as it has demonstrated protection against COVID-19 in a mixed variant environment”, said Paul Loubet, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Montpellier and head of the department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the University Hospital of Nîmes in France.

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