Institution says that current level contributes to disinflation, but signaled interest rate cuts at the next meeting

The ECB (European Central Bank) decided this Thursday (April 11, 2024) to maintain the Euro Zone interest rate percentage at 4% for the 5th consecutive meeting. As a result, refinancing, loan and deposit rates remain at 4.5%, 4.75% and 4%, respectively. Here is the full statement (PDF – 143 kB, in English). According to the institution, the council considers that current interest rates “are at levels that contribute substantially to the ongoing disinflation process”. Inflation in the Euro Zone fell to 2.4% in March – 0.4 percentage points above the 2% target. However, the ECB said for the first time in the statement that it may ease monetary policy and quote interest rates at its next meeting in June if the board is confident that inflation is approaching the 2% target. “in a sustained manner”.


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