The company’s aircraft took off from Dubai airport and flew over the city’s coast for more than 1 hour

The airline Emirates announced on Monday (30.jan.2023) that it successfully operated a test flight using fuel “100% sustainable” in one of the 2 engines of the Boeing 777-300ER. The aircraft took off from Dubai airport, in the United Arab Emirates, and flew over the city for more than 1 hour.

According to the company, the initiative was the 1st of its kind carried out in the Middle East and North Africa and is part of the country’s commitment to make 2023 the “year of sustainability”. The test flight should help efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in civil and military aviation, according to the company. Here is the full statement (204 KB, in English).

“This flight is a landmark moment for Emirates and a positive step forward for our industry as we work collectively to tackle one of our biggest challenges. reduce our carbon footprint”said Emirates director of operations, Adel Al Redha.

The company said it was committed to achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 and was studying ways to increase the efficiency of renewable fuels.

Since 2017, Emirates has been using a type of fuel known by the acronym CEF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels).) or SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), in the original Englishin their aircraft.

The mixture, however, contains up to 50% of conventional aviation fuel, which is more polluting. The 1st flight operating with CEF left Chicago O’Hare Airport, in the United States, also on a Boeing 777.


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