The Superior Court of Electoral Justice of Paraguay (TSJE) announced, at 5 pm this Sunday (30/04), the closure of most polling stations across the country.

Despite the decision, the body said that some people who were still in the queues inside the electoral colleges could still cast their vote.

According to the TSJE, around 4.7 million people were expected in the country’s general elections, which chose the president who will govern the country for the next five years. [até meados de 2028]in addition to 45 senators, 80 deputies and 17 provincial governors.

Voting was carried out using electronic ballot boxes, which is why the PSJE ensures that the official results will be announced later this Sunday.

Among the main candidates in the race are conservative Santiago Peña, from the Colorado Party. [o mesmo do atual mandatário Abdo Benítez]the progressive Efraín Alegre [apoiado pelo ex-presidente Fernando Lugo] and the ultranationalist Payo Cubas, representative of the extreme right.


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