The Presidency of the Republic plane with Brazilians repatriated from the West Bank landed at 8:35 am at the Brasília base this Thursday (2). In total, 26 Brazilians disembarked in the federal capital and another six passengers had disembarked in Recife (PE), where the aircraft landed before going to Brasília. The mission is part of Operation Returning in Peace, organized by the Brazilian government and which repatriated 32 Brazilians who were in the West Bank.

The rescue was organized by the Brazilian representation in Ramallah, a city in the West Bank where the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority are located. People who expressed interest in repatriation are being removed using rented buses and vans, identified with the Brazilian flag. The transports took passengers from 11 cities in the West Bank to the city of Jericho and from there the group continued to Amman, capital of Jordan, from where they took off this Wednesday (1) at 4:50 pm, local time, bound for Brazil.

Two wheelchair users, six elderly people and 11 children were among the passengers. The majority of returnees who landed in Brasília go on to other destinations. The final destination of the repatriated families will be Foz do Iguaçu (eight people), São Paulo (five), Florianópolis (four), Rio de Janeiro (three), Curitiba (two), Goiânia (two) and Porto Alegre (one). Three people stayed in Recife and another three went to Fortaleza.

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Reports and fear

Nazmieh Mohamed, 72 years old, the only passenger who remains in the Federal District, reported a lot of fear and assured: “there are a lot of Brazilians in the Gaza Strip and no one is safe there”. She confided that she felt like a bird out of a cage, “I’m free now. Thank you very much Brazil, thank you very much FAB, thank you very much President Lula”, she concluded.

Rural producer from Estrela (RS), Maged Gharib, 62 years old, also thanked those involved in this repatriation. “In the city of Turmus Ayya we suffered the consequences, indirectly, with reprisals, blockades, ambushes and invasions of settlements. And we were instructed by the Brazilian embassy not to move within the city, at the risk of being attacked”, he narrated.

According to the CNN Brazil, Amer Aziz, one of the returnees, told reporters about the tense atmosphere in the region. Asked about a possible return to Palestine in the future, he declared: “If [a situação] calm down, then we’ll come back. If you don’t calm down, we’ll stay here.”

With this Thursday’s operation, the number of people who were in the region and were repatriated reaches 1,445. In total, eight flights were organized from Israel and one from Jordan on FAB (Brazilian Air Force) planes that are used by the President of the Republic and other authorities.

In addition to the repatriation flights, the two Presidency of the Republic aircraft have already taken food, medical supplies and water purifiers to the conflict region. This Thursday (2), 1.5 tons of food destined for the population of the Gaza Strip, offered by the Landless Workers Movement (MST), are being unloaded at Al-Arish International Airport, Egypt. The shipment consists of rice, sugar, corn derivatives and milk.

Editing: Rodrigo Chagas


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