The decision also prohibits mining in the Chocó Andino forest, located near the capital Quito.

During the election on Sunday (20.Aug.2023) to choose the president and the members of the Assembly, Ecuadorians also voted to ban oil extraction in the Yasuní national park, in the Amazon.

The decision was approved by 59% of voters, according to Ecuador’s National Electoral Council. A ban on mining in the Chocó Andino forest near Quito had 68% support. The information is from Reuters.

The question asked was: “Do you agree that the Ecuadorian government keeps ITT oil [Ishpingo, Tambococha e Tiputini]known as Block 43, indefinitely underground?”.

The result of the vote in the Yasuní park gives 1 year for the state oil company Petroecuador to close its activities in the region. The block accounts for 12% of Ecuador’s daily crude oil production of 466,000 barrels a day.

in a statement disclosed on social networks, Petroecuador said that, in respect for the democratic process, it will take all necessary actions to comply with the voters’ decision. He stated that, on Monday (21.Aug), the company reached the daily mark of 58,016 barrels of oil produced.

The oil company had previously said that the positive vote of Ecuadorians to stop activities in Yasuní would cost Ecuador US$ 13.8 billion in revenue over the next two decades.


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