The magazine says the president is too old to run for re-election and calls for the selection of a new Democratic candidate

The magazine Economist released this Thursday (4.Jul.2024) its weekly cover with the title “Why Biden Should Withdraw“. The edition, which will be released on Saturday (6.Jul), shows a walker for the elderly with the coat of arms of the North American government accompanied by the phrase: “Unable to govern a country“.

The editorial reinforces criticisms constantly directed at the age of President Joe Biden (Democrat), 81, who is running for reelection. The article questions his ability to govern the country for another term.

A Economist questioned the “Biden’s mental decline” and stated that the president has difficulty finishing simple sentences, referring to the debate with Donald Trump (Republican). At the time, Biden changed the term “pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma)” by Medicare, the government health group.

The Democrat’s gaffes during the debate were not limited to wordplay. The magazine described the event as “90 minutes of horror“.

By suggesting that the president withdraw from the presidential race, the article criticized the Democratic Party. “Democrats may say that their tactics are merely political. Their ugly means are justified by their honorable ends of saving American democracy from Mr. Trump’s predations. That defense does America no favors.“, highlights the text.

The magazine also recalled that, with the exception of former President Barack Obama, all American presidents since Bill Clinton were born in the 1940s. It defines that the “presidential politics is stuck in a rut“.

With criticism of Biden, the Economist suggests that Democrats replace his candidacy and put Vice President Kamala Harris in his place.”Biden and Trump offer a choice between the incapable and the unspeakable. Americans deserve better“, says the magazine.


The Democrat’s age is an obstacle to his possible reelection. His cognitive aptitude has become a topic of discussion in the election campaign due to the blunders he has been making during his term. If he wins the November election, Biden will be 86 years old when he leaves office.

There are video recordings of several embarrassing situations in which Biden stumbles, shows weakness or even has memory lapses. A recent report by Wall Street Journal interviewed dozens of people and reports that the country’s president often dozes off during meetings.

In June, the American newspaper also published a long report listing moments in which Biden makes mistakes, such as disconnecting from conversations, closing his eyes and giving the impression of having some memory confusion.


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