It is not an illness or a failing economy that is prompting criticism of the US president, but simply prejudice against the elderly, writes Demóstenes Torres

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Endless trouble between Israel and Palestinian-linked terrorist groups. A victorious left in Europeeven if just barely. The Chinese dragon pinching NATO and releasing flares near Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the United States is debating not its 60th election to the White House, but whether current President Joe Biden is in Parkinson’s disease treatmentthe terrible disorder of the central nervous system that begins with almost imperceptible tremors in the hands and ends God knows how.

In the age of image, a man with a vocation for Caesar needs to be honest more than just honest; he also needs to appear healthy. And Biden, apparently, is not. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known as FDR, won four presidential elections and remained in office for over 12 years. Even so, there was a taboo about admitting to being in a wheelchair. Today, the attempt to hide his disability could harm his campaigns, not the fact that polio took away his mobility. The opposite is happening with Biden, the victim of unlimited cruelty, even though it is known that the rules of the electoral game are more often disregarded than those of UN resolutions.

Biden, if reelected, will begin his next term at 82 years old, as his birthday will be on what is Black Awareness Day here, November 20. Elderly? Yes, like 50 million of his compatriots. Very elderly? Yes, after all, 20% of the US Congress is over 70.

I was a rapporteur in the Senate of Elderly Statutelater renamed the Elderly Persons Statute. I was surprised by the opposition to those over 60, among whom I am. Air, river, sea and land transport companies did terrible things to prevent and, ultimately, make it difficult to make fares free. Health plans avoid them. Children, grandchildren and banks want all the money from their retirements and their continued benefits. Nursing homes charge Copacabana Palace prices. It’s like that here and there, in Uncle Sam’s empire by now already a senior Great-Grandfather Sam.

To avoid growing old, the only way out is still to die young. In dictionaries, as in life, elderly means resilient. The synonyms for provento, for example, range from old to advanced, experienced, master. The mainstream media, so concerned with political correctness as with so many things, considers it unforgivable for a person not to die when they want to. Cancellation without analogies, figures, frills or disguises: “What does Biden want with the election if he’s working overtime on Earth?”. In 2022, life expectancy for men in the United States was 73 years.

Prejudice against the elderly is embedded in effects such as diseases. However, the data is masked. Parkinson’s, which is suspected to be responsible for recent Biden memes, appears after 60, but also at 20. It would reach from the conservative Madison Cawthorn, elected congressman at 24, to the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, 84 – he left Washington through the back door, it remains firm and strong since before he was born.

Therefore, it is not the possible illness, it is only the age that bothers. It is not the capacity, it is only the age, there is no discussion about whether someone is capable, even because they are not. It is fashionable to refer to this behavioral deviation as ableism.

Discrimination in the United States replaces debate about the performance of the economy, which is going downhill. What is the decline of finances compared to the president getting out of his car and staring into space?

It is taken to the extreme fake news Biden is lacking the discernment to use the US military arsenal in the event of an attack. Something like George W. Bush’s momentary paralysis when he learned, while reading with children at a school in Florida, that planes had crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. On September 11, 2001, Bush Jr. was 54 years old.

Biden’s Bin Laden is not an anagram, it is the much talked about ageism, fought by the media when imposed on its darlings. The press covers up the hostility towards the kind age and its holders, Biden on the team, accept it. The silliness of the moment is to threaten to go all or nothing in the next debate, on September 10, since the previous one, on June 27thwas the start of the relentless pursuit.

Faced with a guy who hosted a TV show and makes a living doing business of all kinds, Biden did not perform as well as his party colleagues Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And, once again, it was not illness or age that was to blame, but genes or genius. They simply have different styles, loudmouth vs. idiot. Cognitive decline, which is bound to arrive one day, arrives without permission and is socialist – it affects everyone, without distinction.

Good or bad, democracy is the guarantor of the leadership of such a powerful nation being decided in a heated argument. It doesn’t matter if the candidate is unstable, as long as he is Instagrammable. The dichotomies of Democrat vs. Republican, honest vs. corrupt, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, logger vs. environmentalist and other disputes between antagonists are being retired by the surreal old vs. even older.

The terrifying news is that the lives of billions of humans depend, in some way, on who will be chosen by the usual judges as the winner of the UFC seventy-year-old vs. eighty-year-old.


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