The UK Post Office, an institution with more than 500 years old, will belong to Daniel Kretínsky, owner of an investment group

Royal Mail, a UK postal company, was acquired this Wednesday (May 29, 2024) by Czech billionaire Daniel Kretínsky, 48 years old. The agreement, valued at 3.57 billion pounds (around R$23.6 billion), was closed with the group’s owner, IDS (International Distribution Services).

Kretinsky intends to manage the British Post Office through EP Equity Investment, a company he founded. He said he will not terminate current employees and stated that he will maintain the mail delivery operating system. The company operates across the UK for 6 days a week for a fixed fee.

“The EP Group has the utmost respect for the history and tradition of Royal Mail, and I know that owning this business will come with a huge responsibility, not just for the employees, but for the citizens who depend on its services every day.”he said in a statement, according to information from CNN.

The British Post Office is one of the oldest institutions in Great Britain. They were founded in 1516 by King Henry 8th and privatized in 2013.


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