Putin and Diaz-Canel are on a bilateral agenda in the Kremlin. Photo: Alejandro Azcuy

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel met this Thursday (9) at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, reinforcing the historical ties and continuity of relations between the two countries.

Díaz-Canel, who was in Russia to participate in the annual World War II Victory Day event this Thursday (9), was warmly received by Putin. During the meeting, Putin thanked Díaz-Canel for attending the celebrations in Moscow, highlighting their mutual commitment to the ideals defended during World War II.

“We were all very happy to welcome you to Russia, to Moscow. We are grateful to you for finding the opportunity to take part in the parade in honor of the 79th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War,” Putin said. “I would like to note, perhaps not everyone knows this, that Cuban patriots also participated in the war against Nazism, fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, fought for Leningrad in the most difficult sectors,” he added.

In the cordial exchange, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “we have always supported the Cuban people and are against US attempts to restrict Cuba’s development and harm it economically through sanctions.”

Díaz-Canel, in turn, expressed his admiration for the Russian people and the history of fighting Nazism during the war. Furthermore, he criticized the United States for its imperialist policies, highlighting the importance of preserving the historical memory of the people.

The meeting between the leaders was also marked by the exchange of messages between Díaz-Canel and the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Raúl Castro, demonstrating the continuity of leadership and political commitment between generations.

Before the meeting in the Kremlin, Díaz-Canel participated in several activities in Moscow, including a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, where he highlighted the importance of relations between Cuba and the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Regarding this last commitment, the Cuban leader described it as “an experience to learn and appreciate its full potential, a space for consultation between a group of nations friendly to Cuba, with which we have enormous possibilities for exchange, complementing it.” us and being able to move forward».

Additionally, the Cuban president was present at the military parade marking the 79th anniversary of Victory Day on Moscow’s Red Square, honoring the memory of those who fought in the Great Patriotic War.

This working visit by Díaz-Canel to Russia reinforces the historical and political ties between the two countries, consolidating a partnership that has spanned decades. The Kremlin meeting also highlights Cuba’s significant role as an observer in the Eurasian Economic Union and its commitment to peace and international cooperation.

Díaz-Canel’s previous visit was held in November 2022, when, together with Putin, he inaugurated the monument to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, in the Russian capital’s Plaza Sokol.

At the end of the second day, Díaz-Canel had a meeting with the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Guennadi Ziuganov, where they both confirmed the good state of relations between the political groups.

See the Victory Day parade:

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