Train carrying 90 passengers crashed into an empty locomotive; The cause may have been a signaling failure

A train crashed into a carriage that was undergoing maintenance this Friday (May 10, 2024) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The accident occurred in the Palermo neighborhood, located in the northeast region of the capital, and left at least 60 people injured. There were no deaths, according to the capital’s city hall.

The impact was recorded at 10:30 am (Brasília time) on the San Martín line, which connects the center to the metropolitan region. Fire and police rescue teams were able to quickly evacuate passengers.

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Franco Mogetta, Argentine Transport Secretary, stated that the government will investigate the circumstances of the accident. The main suspicion is the theft of copper cables on the railway line, which would explain the failure of road signaling.

The accident happened as the train passed over a bridge. Witnesses reported that the vehicle braked shortly before the collision.

Jorge Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires, lamented what happened on his profile on X (formerly Twitter). “I want to recognize our teams for their speed of action and their vocation. We continue to work with all Council assistance services to respond to this railway emergency”declared Jorge Macri.


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