For Brad Smith, dispute between companies will take place in months, not years

Microsoft President Brad Smith said companies and organizations in China are likely to emerge soon as major competitors for ChatGPT. According to the executive, the dispute will take place within months, not years. He spoke to Nikkei Asiain an interview published on Friday (21.Apr.2023).

Smith is in Japan and said that the Asian country will lead discussions on rules around artificial intelligence.

Who’s ahead and who’s behind may change a little from one part of the year to another, but one thing has been absolutely constant: the difference is almost always measured in months, not years.”, disse Smith.

Launched in November 2022 by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language modeling technology based on algorithms of deep artificial neural networks –models that try to simulate the behavior of the human brain, with processing units interconnected in several layers, in the same way as the neurons connect by synapses to learn something.

For Smith, the solution to worries caused by new technology, such as putting people out of work by automating some jobs, is not to stop innovating technology, but to improve existing products.

We absolutely must assume, and even expect, that certain states will use artificial intelligence to launch cyber attacks and cyber influence operations even stronger than we see today. […] What we found fundamentally is that technological innovation, when applied well, can actually lead to a stronger defense at the expense of a stronger offense.”, these.

Smith also argues that if it manages to combine the best minds with the best technology, the field of artificial intelligence can overcome the opponents of democracies.


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