Chinese mission to EU says alliance statement is “repetitive rhetoric that echoes the mindset” of the Cold War

The Chinese mission to the EU (European Union) classified this Wednesday (July 12, 2023) the announcement and I’ll take it (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) as a “Repetitive rhetoric that echoes Cold War mindset and ideological bias”. On Tuesday (11.Jul), the countries of the military alliance said that thedeclared ambitions and coercive policies” of China challenge the “interests, security and values” of the group.

The Chinese representation said to oppose “firmly” to a possible expansion of NATO in Asia and that “any action that compromises China’s legitimate rights and interests will receive a resolute response“. Come on full of the declaration, in English (171 KB).

In the NATO statement, the countries also asked China to refrain from supporting Russia in its offensive against Ukraine in “anyway”. According to the covenant, “the deepening of the strategic partnership between China and Russia and their mutually reinforcing attempts to undermine the international order” go against NATO’s values ​​and interests.

We call on China to play a constructive role as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, to condemn Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, to refrain from supporting Russia’s war effort in any way, to stop amplifying Russia’s false narrative by blaming Ukraine and NATO for the war.”reads the declaration, released during the Summit of the military organization in Vilnius (Lithuania).

In response, China’s mission to the EU declared that “NATO has a bad record in history” e “has been making unfounded accusations, meddling in matters beyond its borders and creating confrontations”.

The representation stated that NATO’s current moves expose the “hypocrisy” of the alliance and its ambition for “expansion and hegemony” -something that “will only further exacerbate regional tensions”.


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