Poder360 anticipates what will be highlighted in the week from June 10th to 14th, 2024

The digital newspaper Poder360 brings this Monday (June 10, 2024) a selection of issues that should mark the agenda of power and politics this week.

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The National Congress focuses its attention on Brasília in the week that begins. The Mover bill (Green Mobility and Innovation Program), which includes taxation on imports of up to US$50, returns to the Chamber of Deputies. It became known as the “PL of shopping”.

The “shopping” project worth up to US$50 passed the Federal Senate with difficulties in the week ending. But it should be approved by deputies without difficulty. At the meeting of party leaders on Tuesday (June 11), the date of the vote will be decided.


Also on the 3rd, IBGE will release May inflation. Market analysts expect inflation to remain at 0.4% and for the accumulated index in 12 months to rise to 3.87%. It remained at 3.69% until May. It will be a further indication that the Selic, the basic interest rate, will remain stationary at 10.5% at the BC (Central Bank) meeting on June 19, the other week. Bets are increasing that it will reach the end of the year at this level. The government will criticize;


The STF (Supreme Federal Court) analyzes an action that questions the application of the TR (Reference Rate) in the correction of FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) account balances. The scoreboard has 3 votes for the origin of the request. The trial is likely to conclude on the same day. No matter what the outcome, there will be more costs for the government.

Under the current rule, the FGTS yield is equal to the value of the reference rate plus 3% per year. The problem is that this index is volatile because it depends on a series of variables and ends up having a lower return than savings, for example.

The president of the STF and rapporteur of the action, Roberto Barroso, argues that the fund’s remuneration cannot be lower than that of the savings account. Therefore, in his vote, he suggested the creation of two rules. The first is the distribution of all FGTS profits among account holders. The government already does this on its own initiative, but it would become mandatory. The second is that, from 2025 onwards, new deposits will be remunerated by the savings correction rate, which is higher than the reference rate, used today to correct the values ​​in the fund.


President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and First Lady Janja da Silva will travel on Wednesday (June 12) to Geneva, Switzerland. Afterwards, they will go to Italy for the G7 meeting until Saturday (June 15).

Former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) criticized on social media the fact that Lula and Janja started the trip on Valentine’s Day. He said there is much to be done to rebuild Rio Grande do Sul while Lula travels.


The PF (Federal Police) must conclude in the week that begins, on an undefined date, 2 investigations involving Bolsonaro and include the accusation of Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid, who was his aide-de-camp:

  • jewelry – investigates the irregular entry of jewelry into Brazil by a government delegation;
  • vaccines – investigates fraud in Covid vaccination certificates. It was concluded, but the Public Ministry ordered new investigations.

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