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Cebrapaz – Brazilian Center for Solidarity with People and the Fight for Peace released a statement from its national leadership calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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Cebrapaz – Brazilian Center for Solidarity with People and Struggle for Peace addresses Brazilian social movements, peace lovers, international solidarity movements, regardless of the political and ideological orientations and religious confessions of its members, with a vehement call for end of the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the immediate establishment of the ceasefire, as an emergency solution to stop the crimes against humanity that are being practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people, with the support of US imperialism.

The Palestinian people are once again being martyred by intense and massive bombings, by the forced displacement of more than a million people and by an unbearable siege that for 17 years has resulted in an extensive and profound humanitarian tragedy. The United Nations announced that from this October 25th all humanitarian action by the multilateral organization will be interrupted due to the lack of fuel and other supplies.

The suffering of the Palestinian people is unbearable: loss of life, ongoing destruction and trauma. The time has come to take a decisive step towards peace, which requires broad solidarity and peaceful coexistence.

We demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. It is time to end the cycle of destruction and suffering. We urge respect for human rights, international humanitarian law and international law in general, embodied in the Charter of the United Nations. We condemn the forced displacement of populations, ethnic cleansing, genocide, the collective punishment of a people. As a democratic and internationalist organization, we consider it our duty to join other social movement organizations in Brazil and around the world to protect the rights of those affected by the ongoing massacre in Palestine.

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We also advocate a political solution to the unequal conflict between the State of Israel and the Palestinian people. The only way to achieve such a solution is Palestinian independence, with the effective sovereignty of its national state, which requires the end of military occupation by Israel. We advocate a two-state solution, on pre-occupation borders in 1967, the return of Palestinian refugees and the establishment of the capital of Palestine in East Jerusalem, with coexistence, security and prosperity for all.

Peace in Gaza and throughout Palestine, as well as in Israel, is not only a responsibility of the parties involved, but of the entire international community. We call on world leaders to work tirelessly to support peace. The first step is the end of the blockade on Gaza and an immediate ceasefire.

São Paulo, October 25, 2023

The National Directorate of Cebrapaz – Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples and the Fight for Peace


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