Luisa, Arauz, parliamentarians and supporters of the Citizen Revolution went to the Public Ministry this Monday (Los panas de Luisa&Andrés)

The candidate for the Presidency of Ecuador for the Citizen Revolution (RC) movement, Luisa González, officially presented last Monday (18) a complaint to the Public Ministry demanding speed in the investigation of the plan to attack her life.

Alongside Andrés Arauz, her candidate for vice president, several elected parliamentarians, and in front of supporters gathered in front of the institution’s headquarters, Luisa warned that although the facts have been known since August 30, she had to file the complaint because she felt that the process does not advance. The candidate accuses the government of President Guillermo Lasso and the prison administration of placing “obstacles”, making it difficult for suspects to be heard.

The plan, combined with the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio on August 9 with three shots to the head, raised the RC’s alert, causing Luisa González to start wearing a bulletproof vest and accept the support of the Armed Forces.

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With 33.61% of the votes, the candidate won the presidential election on August 20, opening more than 10% of votes over Daniel Noboa, son of tycoon Álvaro, who will go to the second round on October 15.

Backpack with grenades

It is known to everyone that the perpetrator of the attack, surnamed Mancilla, carried a backpack with grenades to a political rally where he would attempt the life of President Rafael Correa’s candidate (2007-2017). “When the two police officers found me, I told them that the three grenades were for the attack on Miss Luísa”, revealed Mancilla, stressing that thanks to his alert the Police were able to identify and detain another subject with a machine gun and several ammunition with the same weapon. goal.

“They threatened my wife and daughter with a firearm to tell me that if I didn’t cooperate with the backpack and leave it where I had to leave it, they would kill my daughter and my wife,” Mancilla confessed.

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Luisa highlighted that she began to protect herself more from the growing risks. “I don’t normally wear a bulletproof vest. And we talked to my team. They said: you have to put on the bulletproof vest. I told them, but if it’s a bomb, I’ll fly with a vest and everything”, explained the candidate at the beginning of the month.

Luisa explained the reasons for having started using a bulletproof vest and demanded an end to impunity, an evil that affects all Ecuadorians (Los panas de Luisa&Andrés)


“I filed a complaint that represents not only the need to protect myself, to clarify this process and find those responsible for a possible attack on my life, but also that of all Ecuadorians, because this is the impunity with which we live. The processes are not clarified or advanced”, protested Luisa.

According to the Correísta candidate, it is this impunity that leaves the country plunged into a feeling of insecurity, given the rise in organized crime violence in the last five years. The murder rate increased from 5.8 to 25.32 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2022, the highest in history.

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“They release criminals who can do whatever they want with our lives, because our lives are still at risk. May the Public Ministry and the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) work with the speed that the case requires to move towards a safe country”, he added.

Throughout the campaign, the coordinator of the Citizen Revolution and mayor of La Libertad, Francisco Tamariz, was the victim of an attack by the Ecuadorian National Police on the night of August 18, increasing the climate of state terrorism on the eve of the first round. “They tried to kill me. If the car wasn’t armored, Ecuadorian brother, I wouldn’t be here. It would be impossible for me to be talking to you with 30 shots aimed at the truck I was in,” he clarified.

Despite the protesters’ demands, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has not yet commented on the allegations of their behavior.


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