Funeral for Michel Nisenbaum, 59 years old, was held in Ashkelon, a city close to the Gaza Strip; body was found on Friday (May 24)

The only Brazilian kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, 2023, Michel Nisenbaum, was buried this Sunday (May 26, 2024), in Ashkelon, a city close to the Gaza Strip. The information is from the newspaper Times of Israel.

The 59-year-old Brazilian was killed by the extremist group on October 9, 2023. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) announced that they found Nisenbaum’s body on Friday (May 24). ​​He is survived by his mother, a sister, two daughters and 6 grandchildren.

“Children will grow up and remember what a heroic grandfather you were, who was not afraid of terrorists and saved people along the way. Thanks to you, they are here. I love you and I miss you. Now you are home”said Chen, one of the Brazilian’s daughters, during the procession.

The Brazilian’s niece, Ayala, asked the Israeli government to rescue the Hamas hostages “ASAP”. According to the Times of Israel, “hundreds” of people attended the funeral of Nisenbaum.

Nisenbaum was 59 years old, born in Niterói (RJ) and moved to Israel in 1988. He was kidnapped on the morning of October 7, when he went to a military post to meet family.

A Hamas militant answered his phone when his family called. His car was found burned and his computer was rescued in Gaza.

After Nisenbaum’s body was found, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) lamented the death of the Brazilian. On May 12, Nisenbaum’s family told the Poder360 that she was disappointed with the PT member and that he “Did not help” in the rescue.

According to Al Jazeera (state broadcaster of the Qatari monarchy), the conflict has already killed 36,502 Palestinians and 1,139 Israelis. The information about Gaza comes from Hamas and there is no way to independently verify this data.


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