The border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt remained closed this Saturday (11) and Brazilian families awaiting repatriation continue to be prevented from leaving the area. After waiting for almost a month, the group received authorization to leave the site on Friday (10), but the decision has not yet been made.

According to the Brazilian ambassador to the West Bank, Alessandro Candeias, there is no forecast of when the passage between Rafah and Egyptian territory will be opened. He explained that a convoy of ambulances has priority to cross the border, but is stuck in northern Gaza because of shelling.

Attack on Gaza hospitals makes it difficult for Brazilians to leave the enclave

The Brazilian government has maintained an aircraft in the city of Cairo to bring families to the country since October 18th. There are 34 people, 24 Brazilians, 3 family members and 7 immigrants from Palestine in the process of settling in Brazil. There are 18 children in the group.

Controlled by Israeli and Egyptian authorities, the border, the humanitarian crossing has been marked by logistical and diplomatic instabilities, which makes it difficult for citizens who want to flee the area bombed by Israel for more than a month to leave.

emergency summit

Leaders of Islamic and Arab countries met in an extraordinary joint summit this Saturday, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The group released a statement calling for the interruption of arms sales to Israel and the end of the siege on Gaza, with the entry of humanitarian aid.

The text classifies Israeli attacks on Palestinian territory as “war crimes and barbaric and inhumane massacres.” The leaders who participated in the meeting demanded that the United Nations (UN) Security Council adopt a definitive resolution on the scenario.

According to the international news agency Al Jazeera, the 22 nations of the Arab League were initially expected to participate, but the meeting was expanded to include the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which brings together 57 countries.

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Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said the joint meeting of the Arab League and OIC is a “response to the exceptional circumstances in the Gaza Strip.” According to him, the nations realized the need to unify efforts and positions.

Also according to Al Jazeera, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, warned of the intensification of incursions by Israeli forces not only in the Gaza Strip. “No military and security solution is acceptable as they have all failed. We categorically reject any efforts to displace our people from Gaza or the West Bank.”

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who has been warning the international community about the risks of expanding the war if Israeli attacks continue, was also at the event. The international news agency reported that he again demanded an end to the bombings.

“Islamic governments should designate the army of the occupying and aggressor regime as a terrorist organization,” he said, referring to Israel.

With information from Agência Brasil

Editing: Monyse Ravena


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