At an event of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, the Minister of Justice states that the PF collaborates with the Portuguese authorities on the issue

The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Ricardo Lewandowski, said this Thursday (4.Jul.2024) that Brazilian criminal factions may have expanded to Portugal. The statement was made during an event of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries), in Lisbon.

“It is possible that some members of criminal factions came to Portugal. Also due to the ease of the language and the traditional welcome that Portugal gives to Brazilians”said Lewandowski.

Brazil has 72 criminal organizations, with the PCC (First Capital Command) and the Comando Vermelho occupying 23 and 20 states, respectively.

The Minister of Justice stated that the PF (Federal Police) is in collaboration with the Portuguese authorities not only on this topic, but also on drug trafficking”. He stated that Brazil is used “as a corridor through other countries in South America”.

Second study released by Esfera Brasil, the revenue of criminal factions in Brazil from the sale of cocaine could reach R$ 335 billionif it were expanded to Europe.

Watch Lewandowski’s statement (2min10s):


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