Latam and GOL will not operate flights this Thursday (May 9) from Buenos Aires or to the country

Flights from Brazilian airlines were canceled this Thursday (May 9, 2024) because of the general strike in Argentina against the government of President Javier Milei. The strike is in response to the “superpacote” economic, known as “Bus Law”approved by the Chamber in April, and affects land, sea and air transport services, as well as educational and financial institutions and companies across the country.

Of the 5 Latam flights scheduled for this Thursday (May 9), departing from São Paulo (from all airports) to Buenos Aires (all airports), 4 appear as canceled on the airline’s website. On the reverse route, from Buenos Aires to São Paulo, all 5 were cancelled.

GOL, in a statement to Poder360, also reported the cancellation of flights to and from Argentine airports this Thursday (May 9). According to the company, the strike called by the unions affects the entire airport operation in the cities where the company operates (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosário), making flights impossible.

Read the full note:

“GOL informs that it has canceled its flights to or from Argentine airports this Thursday, May 9, 2024. The action is due to the general strike announced for the country on this date, which will affect all airport operations in the cities where the Company operates (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosário), making flights impossible.

All Customers will have their flights rescheduled to other dates and will be able to make the change free of charge, or they will be able to request a full refund, depending on the wishes of each passenger. Customers with tickets booked for this date are receiving communication via email and SMS, according to the data provided at the time of purchase, and can now self-manage their tickets on GOL’s Digital Channels.

To serve affected customers, GOL created extra operations for May 10th. If in doubt, the Customer can contact the Relationship Center on 0300 115 2121. For purchases with miles, the Customer must contact Smiles directly on 0300 115 7001 (Smiles or Silver), or 0300 115 7007 (Gold Diamond).

For customers in Argentina, the contact number is +55 11 3471 2973, with service in Spanish from 8am to 8pm. Customers who purchased tickets through travel agencies should contact their representatives directly.”

Greve on Argentina

The strike this Thursday (May 9) is joined by APLA (Airline Pilots Association), APTA (Aeronautical Technicians Association) and APA (Aeronautical Personnel Association). On X (formerly Twitter), APA Aeronáuticos, the 1st union of commercial and civil aviation workers in Argentina, shared images of the country’s paralyzed airports.

“Aerolineas Argentinas and Intercargo don’t sell themselves, they defend themselves”, writes the union in the publications. A “Bus Law” de Milei, approved by the Argentine Chamber in April, contemplates the privatization of state-owned companies, such as Aerolíneas Argentinas.

This will be the 2nd strike that Milei will face since assuming the presidency on December 10, 2023. The 1st, on January 24, also organized by the CGT, lasted 12 hours. Argentines took to the streets to protest against reform packages “Law to All” and DNU (Decree of Necessity and Urgency), proposed by the government of the Argentine president.


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