The 1st funding was made in 2023; country has a history of going to the international market at least once annually

The National Treasury should go to the international market in 2024 and issue sustainable public bonds totaling approximately US$2 billion (around R$10.4 billion at current prices), as found by the Poder360. There is still no set date for this to happen, but the country has a tradition of going abroad at least once annually to raise funds.

The shares are launched in dollars, seeking foreign investors. The projected values ​​will be similar to the first issuance of sustainable bonds made by the country, in 2023, in the North American market.

The green bonds issued last year mature in 2031 and the rate of return for the investor was 6.50% per year. The resources go to the Climate Fund, which was resumed in 2023.

The objective is to finance projects related to environmental issues, with attention to the climate crisis and social development. The economic team intends to increasingly use the potential of the country’s green economy to attract resources.


In March, Secretary Rogério Ceron (National Treasury) stated that Eco Invest Brasil – a new exchange rate protection program for sustainable green investments – has the potential to unlock up to US$20 billion in new projects with credit lines.

According to him, the proposal “it’s ready” and it has not been published until now because it will come out with another measure of credit. The expectation is that the MP on the topic will be published on Monday (April 22, 2024).

There will be a ceremony on the same day at Palácio do Planalto.


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