According to the Brazilian spokesperson, the country did not address the issues to “advance in building consensus”

Brazil decided not to address geopolitical issues during the 3rd G20 sherpa (leaders) meeting, held this Friday (5 July 2024) in Rio de Janeiro. According to Ambassador Maurício Lyrio, the country adopted a strategy of separating issues that created an impasse in order to continue with other negotiations.

The aim is to prevent geopolitical disagreements from hindering work and preventing ministers from producing agreed documents in their areas.”, explained the Brazilian representative in a note.

The meeting, which began on Wednesday (July 3) and ends on Friday, addresses issues such as climate change and inequality with the aim of unlocking negotiations between the participating nations. These topics form the central agenda of the Brazilian presidency at the head of the group of the world’s largest economies.

On the 2nd day of the event, the focus was on discussing geopolitical issues, considered the most controversial issues on the international agenda. “The impasse in the texts has made it impossible to publish joint statements since 2022 and the expectation is to move forward with clear proposals for action for the bloc“, stated the Brazilian government.

The last day of meetings was marked by planning the next steps towards the summit in November. The basic structure of the future leaders’ declaration, ministerial meetings and the need to present concrete results at the end of the annual summit were discussed.

The purpose of this meeting was precisely to receive contributions and suggestions from the engagement groups, through a report presented by their coordinators, so that we, the Sherpas, have the resources to also incorporate the vision of civil society. This was a guideline of the Brazilian government since the beginning of its presidency, the idea that the G20 has to be closer to society in order to better respond to its desires.”, said Lyrio.


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