Kristalina Georgieva stated that the country has an “advantage” in ecological issues, which ensures “new opportunities”

The director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Kristalina Georgieva, said that Brazil has been a “good news” for the world economy for having stood out in growth projections. Georgieva made the statement in an interview published by the newspaper Economic value this Thursday (29.Feb.2024).

Georgieva stated that Brazil has a “advantage” on ecological issues, which ensures “new opportunities” for industries. She also praised the performance of the BC (Central Bank). The economist is in São Paulo to participate in the G20 finance ministers meeting.

Despite praise for the Brazilian economy, the IMF director said that Brazil’s current growth rate “it is not enough for Brazil’s ambition and potential”. She assesses that the country can produce more alternatives to attract investment, especially in the area of ​​green energy.

According to Georgieva, it is necessary for economies to maintain “the fiscal house in order” so that countries are prepared to face possible new shocks.

Read other topics covered in the interview:

  • Brazilian tax regime “On the fiscal aspect, you are very well positioned with a package of reforms from the government today. And, over the years, a lot has been done. But it is clear that the country can do more, especially to attract investment capital”;
  • Pix “In the financial aspect, inclusion based on digital innovation is impressive here in Brazil — 85% of the population uses Pix”.


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