Action is part of the International Day of Latin American and Caribbean Black Women, celebrated on July 25

The Minister of Racial Equality of Brazil, Anielle Franco, and the Vice President of Colombia and Colombian Minister of Equality and Equity, Francia Márquez, signed a memorandum on Tuesday (July 25, 2023), in Bogotá (Colombia). of understanding to combat racism and promote racial equality in Latin America.

The action is part of the celebrations of the International Day of Latin American and Caribbean Black Women, celebrated on July 25th.


The Brazil – Colombia Memorandum of Understanding provides for exchange actions and exchange of experiences in the areas of:

  • fighting and overcoming racism in the region;
  • promotion of racial equality, academic and scientific production on the themes;
  • policies for traditional peoples.

The 2 countries will be able to elaborate a work agenda for the development of cooperation actions in subjects of common interest. The objective is to establish dialogue and disseminate knowledge about the history of the Afro-descendant population in Latin America and the Caribbean, including traditional communities of African origin, with emphasis on historical and cultural relations with Brazil.

Bilateral exchanges may take place on topics such as:

  • history;
  • culture;
  • recognition, appreciation and preservation of memory;
  • educational systems;
  • affirmative actions;
  • ethnic-racial diversity and the challenges imposed by the advance of new technologies and changes in relations between countries in the international system.

The agreement also contemplates the possibility of holding seminars, training courses, as well as exchanges between researchers, students, professors and representatives of civil society organizations involved in the promotion of educational, social, cultural rights and their relationship with the fight against discrimination and the promotion of racial equity.

In addition to the two ministers, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, was present at the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding.

Anielle reaffirmed her support for the Colombian vice president, known for her activism in the causes of black women and defender of the environment. “Be firm that we are together with you, in Brazil, in Colombia, throughout the Latin American diaspora”.

After signing the document, Anielle Franco reinforced that Brazil is a protagonist in the fight against racism. “We can be here, today, clenching our fists and telling you and all the women here that we will follow, Francia. Thanks again and again for this historic memo. I am sure that, today, President Lula is happy and content with the work we have been doing. It is, indeed, very gratifying to be leading this portfolio”.

The memorandum is effective immediately and is valid for 5 years.

With information from Agência Brasil.


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