Following the information that the group of 34 Brazilians were authorized to leave the Gaza Strip, on the seventh list of foreigners authorized to leave the region published this Friday the 10th, the Rafah border with Egypt was closed again without that they had left the region.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mauro Vieira, confirmed in a press conference this Friday that the crossing was closed and stated that it is not yet possible to say whether the Brazilians will cross today or at the weekend.

“The crossing is complex, because the Rafah crossing is open for a few hours a day, and there is an understanding between the parties that firstly ambulances with injured people pass through and only after that do nationals from other countries pass through. And that is what happened today, yesterday and until Wednesday, there was no passage from the Gaza Strip to Egypt”, explained Vieira.

The humanitarian crossing, which is in the south of the Gaza Strip, on the border with Egypt, has been marked by logistical and diplomatic instabilities. Both make it difficult for citizens who want to escape the war zone, which has been incessantly bombed by Israel for more than a month, to leave.

Closed this Wednesday (8), due to an unexplained “security circumstance”, the border was reopened this Thursday (9) and closed again this Friday (10).

Editing: Leandro Melito


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