Next Friday (04/26), publisher Anita Garilbadi launches the book Genocide isolates Israel; challenge is to create State of Palestine by Nilson Araújo de Souza and Nathaniel Braia.

The event will take place at Livraria Anita Garibaldi, at Rua Rego Freitas, 192, in São Paulo.

The book can be purchased through the Livraria Anita Garibaldi website (Click here)

Read Emir Mourad’s preface below:

The struggle of the Palestinian people is part of the universal struggle for the liberation of people, especially those trapped by colonial domination. In this sense, this book demonstrates that the Zionist ideology as formulated since its founder, Theodor Herzl, is of a colonialist nature and, therefore, supported the oppression of the Palestinian people, without fulfilling in any way its assumed and never achieved desire of the supposed liberation of the Palestinian people. Jewish people. On the contrary, this colonialist action, as Braia and Nilson formulate, made the Jews hostage to this process of usurpation of the Palestinian people, something that, as reality shows, has been worsened by the savagery of Netanyahu’s current genocidal government. Braia, as I said, an old fighting companion, is a writer and editor on international issues for the newspaper Hora do Povo and author of the book “O Apartheid de Israel”.

The current genocide that Israel promotes in Palestine, with greater intensity in the Gaza Strip, unfortunately receives the support of the same entities that once attacked the writer Braia and his book “O Apartheid de Israel”.

Any criticism of Zionism and/or Israel is labeled anti-Semitism. When the challenge to Zionism comes from a Jew, he is branded a traitor, in an unfair ideological framework that, thanks to courageous stances like Braia’s, is being demystified, with alternatives around the world and in Brazil, Jewish voices are they stand up and shout in the streets and in international forums: “Not in our name”, contesting the genocide of the Palestinian people and refuting that Israel, in its aggression, can represent Jews and their spiritual values ​​throughout the world. The denunciation of Zionism as the ideological basis of the State of Israel is the main theme of the book. Zionism established itself as a colonial and racist movement, militarily occupying Palestine and contradicting all international legal territorial and human rights orders.

The authors question in a forceful and well-founded way the thesis of the so-called left-wing Zionists in which Zionism is formulated as a “national movement for the liberation of the Jewish people”. The answer in the form of a question becomes obvious and elementary: how does a movement free one people at the expense of the freedom of another people? Did the Jewish settlers of Palestine free themselves by creating the State of Israel by not allowing the Palestinians to create their State? The Jewish colonizers, founders and rulers of the State of Israel expelled 750,000 Palestinians, killed thousands of Palestinians, razed more than 400 Palestinian towns and villages to make way for the State of Israel. This was the Palestinian Nakba, the catastrophe of an entire people.


  • Authors: Nilson Araújo de Souza and Nathaniel Braia
  • ISBN: 978-65-89805-41-0
  • Publishing company: Anita Garibaldi
  • Year of publication: 2024
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 135
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 16cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 245g


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