At a conference in Moldova, the US Secretary of State talks about measures to guarantee security in the region after the conflict

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said this Wednesday (May 29, 2024) that Israel needs to present a detailed plan for the post-war period in Gaza and highlighted the importance of defeating Hamas.

The gains [sobre o Hamas] may not be lasting in terms of defeating Hamas in the absence of a plan“, he stated. The speech was given during a conference for journalists in Moldova.

The document proposed by the Secretary of State must contain a plan to rebuild the lives of citizens in the Gaza Strip. Among the requirements, he mentioned the importance of establishing security in the region.

Alongside the Moldovan president, Maia Sandu, the secretary answered questions about the war in Ukraine and Israel. He defined it as “horrible” the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) attack that killed 45 people in a Palestinian camp on Sunday (May 26).

Authorities demand investigation

Blinken confirmed that the US government has requested an investigation into the attack in Rafah.

“We were very clear with Israel to immediately investigate and determine exactly what happened and why it happened. […] To ensure there is accountability”these.

Despite the charge, the IDF declared on Tuesday (May 28) that the cause of the attack was supposed to be a secondary explosion, possibly from a weapons depot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even admitted a “tragic error” in the military operation.


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