US President also claims Trump only wants to benefit the super-rich with more tax cuts

US President Joe Biden (Democrat) said he inherited a crumbling economy from former President Donald Trump, while the Republican declared the economy was the “biggest in the world” before covid-19. The speeches were made during the 1st debate of the 2024 presidential race, promoted by CNN.

“If we look at what was done under Trump, it wasn’t much. We had to rebuild everything.”, stated the president. Trump denied it. He said that under the Biden administration the United States has become a “3rd world country”.

Trump defended his tax cuts, saying they boosted economic growth and that the US was about to start reducing its debt before it was necessary “release millions of dollars in aid because of covid”. Biden said Trump only wants to benefit the rich with more tax cuts.

The Republican also said his tax cuts “boosted” the economy. Despite the US having a high job offer, inflation remains at levels beyond expectations and this has forced the Federal Reserve, the country’s central bank, to maintain interest rates at a high level.


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