At a rally this Friday (5.Jul) in Wisconsin, the US president once again denies the possibility of leaving the electoral race

US President and re-election candidate Joe Biden (Democrat) held a rally this Friday (5.Jul.2024), in the state of Wisconsin. In his speech, he stated that he will remain in the presidential race, but he made a mistake when he said that he will beat his competitor, Republican Donald Trump, again in 2020.

I will stay in the race. I will beat Donald Trump. I will beat him again in 2020.”, Biden said. He soon realized the error and rectified it: “In fact, we will win it again in 2024”.

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During his speech in Wisconsin, the Democrat cited his performance in the debate, repeated that he intends to continue in the presidential race and reinforced his confidence in victory. “I will not let a 90-minute debate erase three and a half years of work”these.

“I am the nominee of the Democratic Party. I am the nominee of this party because millions of Democrats like you voted for me in primaries all across the United States. You voted for me to be your nominee. No one else.”he stated.

Fall in popularity

After a debate between the candidates for US president, the popularity of the current president fell. A survey by CNN showed that 67% of American voters believe Trump won of the presidential debate.

According to information from the digital newspaper AxiosBiden’s performance led members of the Democratic Party to openly discuss the possibility of replacing the Chief Executive by a younger candidate in this election.


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