US President said “the measures will guarantee” that Vladimir Putin pays for aggression

The United States issued more than 500 sanctions against Russia this Friday (23.Feb.2024) over the death of Alexei Navalnymain opposition politician to Vladimir Putinthat’s right Russian invasion of Ukrainewhich turns 2 years old on Saturday (24.Feb).

O White House statementwhat informs the number of sanctions, was published this Friday (Feb 23). On Tuesday (20.Feb.2024), US President Joe Biden these which would announce a “major package” of sanctions against Russia.

“They [as sanções] will ensure that Putin pays an even higher price for his aggression abroad and repression at home.”declared Biden.

The sanctions will target individuals linked to Navalny’s arrest, as well as the financial sector, the defense industrial base, procurement networks and Russian sanctions evaders on several continents.

The US president will also impose new restrictions on the export of almost 100 entities that have allegedly provided covert support to Russia.

In the statement, Biden announced plans to further reduce Russia’s energy revenues and called on the US House to pass a law that provides urgent financing for Ukraine.

“Congress knows that by supporting this law, we can strengthen security in Europe, strengthen our internal security and stand up to Putin”these.


Navalny’s death was informed on Friday (Feb 16) by the penitentiary service of the Russian district of Yamalo-Nenets, located in Siberia, where he was serving his sentence. The activist would have felt bad and “lost consciousness almost immediately” after a walk.

One day earlier, on Thursday (Feb 15), Navalny participated in a video hearing. At the time, she joked about her financial situation and smiled.

Prisoner since 2021, Navalny was sentenced to 19 years in prison on August 4 for “extremist acts”which include the creation of an NGO, convening and financing events, carrying out activities against the government and “rehabilitation of Nazi ideology”.


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