On April 3, 1917, Vladimir Lenin returned from exile to Petrograd and, upon arriving, the leader of the Russian revolution prepared the famous “April Theses”, which had three central pillars to direct the revolutionary process: “Peace, Land and Bread”. The slogans called for Russia’s exit from the First World War, the implementation of agrarian reform and the end of hunger in the country.

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O Good Living on TV this Saturday (13) recalls this story with a special report from the correspondent of Brazil in fact in Russia, Serguei Monin.

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The movement was marked as an important impulse to overthrow the provisional government and rally workers towards a socialist revolution that determined the course of the history of Russia and the world throughout the 20th century.

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However, the echo of the revolution and Lenin’s importance in today’s Russia is largely muted in current politics. According to Alexander Reznik, historian and professor at HSE University in Saint Petersburg, Russian political elites give history a purely instrumental character. The revolutionary process is marginalized to the detriment of the idea of ​​State strength, more represented by the Stalin period, and the consequences of the Second World War.

“The idea that at some point in history a mass of people determined their own destiny, that in Russia there was one of the most democratic systems at a certain period of time, that is very unpopular,” explains Reznik.

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