The city of Guatemala was the scene of an attack last Saturday (18), when Nidal Alhadwe, member of the Executive Committee of the Confederación Palestine Latinoamericana y del Caribe (COPLAC) and President of the Asociación Palestine Guatemalteca, was the target of an assassination attempt.

The attack occurred when Alhadwe was heading to a solidarity demonstration. Without any provocation or warning, two individuals got out of a vehicle and tried to hit it first with a failed shot and then with a sharp weapon, causing serious injuries, but without achieving their final objective.

COPLAC issued a statement expressing its dismay and repudiation of the attack. Rafael Araya Masry, president of the organization, and Emir Mourad, secretary general, demanded an in-depth investigation by the Guatemalan authorities to identify those responsible for this act of violence against a tireless defender of the Palestinian cause in Guatemala.

The motivations behind this brutal attack are still unknown, and COPLAC seeks quick and effective responses to ensure justice. The organization expressed confidence in the ability of Guatemalan authorities to conduct a swift and efficient investigation.

The international community is also mobilizing efforts to follow the case and express solidarity with Nidal Alhadwe. The attack not only poses a threat to the life of an individual committed to the Palestinian cause, but also raises concerns about the safety of activists in different parts of the world.

From Buenos Aires, where COPLAC has its headquarters, Rafael Araya Masry and Emir Mourad sent a message of affection, support and solidarity to Nidal Alhadwe. The organization wishes a quick and complete recovery for the Palestinian leader given the seriousness of the injuries suffered.

The international community awaits the results of the investigation and hopes that those responsible will be brought to justice. Attacks on defenders of human rights and the Palestinian cause are condemned globally, and this episode serves as a grim reminder of the ongoing importance of the fight for peace, justice and equality.


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