Kidnapping took place in the city of Ede and local police rule out the possibility of terrorism; there were no deaths or injuries

An armed man invaded a coffee shop in Ede, in the Netherlands, took 5 hostages and threatened to explode a bomb at 6am this Saturday (30th March), local time. There were no deaths or injuries. Local authorities ruled out the possibility of terrorism.

After the police arrived at the scene, the criminal freed 3 hostages, who were employees of the establishment. Around noon, he left the store with the other two hostages, who were customers. The suspect surrendered and was handcuffed by officers, who were waiting for him outside.

The information is from the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Agents from the Police Anti-Bomb Unit, police officers and 1 remote-controlled robot were involved in the operation. According to authorities, 150 houses around the cafe were evacuated and the area was surrounded. Trains going to Ede or returning from there had their trips cancelled, says the region’s railway operator.

According to the newspaper Telegraphthe store held an electronic music event on Friday (29th March), which ended at 4am on Saturday.


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