Official data will be released on September 13; in July, price increases were 6.3%

Economists project a floor of 11% for inflation in Argentina in August. According to experts, the September index should be at a similar level. The information comes from specialized consultancies consulted by Clarion.

The rise in prices in the country is being affected by the presidential elections, with the victory of right-wing Javier Milei in the primaries; due to exchange rate fluctuation; and by restrictions on imports.

The price of meat rose the most in August. According to a study by the Mediterranean Foundation, the increase reached 60% in the month.

Official data will be released on September 13th. The government maintains the 9% inflation estimate. For analysts consulted by the newspaper, however, the average is 12%.

In July, the price index was 6.3%, compared to 6% in the previous month. Argentina’s annual inflation in July was 113.4%.


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