After the statement, Diana Mondino states that she “in no way” intended to be discriminatory

Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino stated that the “Chinese people are all the same”. The statement was made on Thursday (May 2, 2024) in an interview with the newspaper Clarion. Faced with the negative repercussion, she denied having been discriminatory.

Mondino spoke to Clarion about the visit to Neuquén, in Patagonia, and about the possible presence of military personnel at the base that China maintains there. “Those involved in the investigation did not identify that there were military personnel. They are Chinese, they are all the same”.

On Friday (May 3), the Argentine minister spoke about the subject to Miter Radio and said that “all the same” referred to the fact that the Chinese present at the base were not in uniform and therefore appeared “all civilians”.

She stated: “The Argentines were also all the same, none of them were in uniform.”. The chancellor stated that her statement was taken out of context and that, “no way”, was intended to be discriminatory.


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