Minister Patrícia Bullrich declared that Brazil has not contacted Milei and that, for now, everything is just “propaganda”

Argentina’s Security Minister, Patrícia Bullrich, said she had no information about those involved in the extremist acts on January 8 being in Argentine territory. She declared that Brazil did not contact the government of Javier Milei for any deportation requests, as declared by the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

The minister’s speech in an interview with Radio Miter This comes after the Federal Police announced that it will request the extradition of 65 convicts who had fled to Argentina after being convicted of the acts. He said that, as long as there are no official requests, the Brazilian government’s statements should be considered as propaganda.

“We still don’t have any information of this type, we don’t have red alerts about these people. It is one thing for Brazil to ask and another for them to already have a trial or conviction, which is the moment at which extradition can be requested”, he spoke.

Bullrich did not say whether there are people on the run in Argentine territory and that the local government does not have any list with names, number of people or reasons why they are accused. “For now it remains propaganda and not a valid legal fact”he stated.

Here’s to Patrícia Bullrich:

New prisoners from January 8th

The minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest on Thursday (June 6, 2024) of 208 people involved in the extremist acts on January 8 for non-compliance with precautionary measures.

The Federal Police had already launched 27 phases of the Lesa Pátria operation, which aimed to arrest extremists, authorities considered negligent and inciters and financiers of January 8th.


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