The newspaper Clarion released, this Tuesday (31), a new poll of voting intentions for the presidency of Argentina. The survey shows an important advantage for Peronist Sérgio Massa, who appears with 44.6%, in relation to his opponent, the ultra-rightist Javier Milei, who has 33.2% in the second round of elections, on the 19th.

Responsible for the survey, Proyección was responsible for the polls closest to the scenario confirmed at the polls, on October 22nd. The institute published a survey on the eve of the elections placing Massa ahead of Milei, when the scenario drawn by other institutes was for the ultra-rightist to win in the first round.

The survey also indicates that 8.3% are undecided, 5.9% say they will vote blank or null, and 7% say they will not vote. Proyección listened to 1,459 Argentines, across the national territory, in online interviews, between the 24th and 25th of October. The margin of error is 2.6% down or up.

This is the third survey published since the end of the first round. The Analogías institute released a scenario similar to Proyección, with Massa ahead, with 42%, followed by Milei, who totals 34%.

CB Consultora Opinión Pública disagrees with the first two and, in its survey, points to a slight advantage for Milei, who would win the election, with 50.7%, ahead of Massa, who would have 49.3%. The second round of the Argentine election is scheduled for November 19th.

Editing: Rodrigo Durão Coelho


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