Spherical structure has immersive seats, multisensory technologies and cost US$2.3 billion; The outside is covered with LED screens

The Irish band U2 performed at the opening of the Sphere arena, in Las Vegas (USA), on Friday (September 29, 2023). Tickets cost from US$395 (around R$1,977, at current prices) to US$1,450 (around R$7,260, at current prices). The spherical structure has immersive seating and multi-sensory technologies.

The structure has a spherical shape and would initially cost US$ 1.2 billion (around R$ 6 billion, at current prices), but ended up being built for US$ 2.3 billion (around R$ 11.5 billion, at current prices) . The 112 meter high and 156 meter wide arena has a capacity for 18,600 people. It is located at 255 Sands Avenue in the North American city.

Watch event records (3min9s):

The entire exterior is covered by 1.2 million LED screens, which allows the projection of high-resolution images. On the US independence holiday, for example, the arena was lit up for tests and to celebrate the date.

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The internal structure also provides an immersive experience for the public. A 16k definition, almost 15,000 m² LED screen was installed inside the arena. Furthermore, the internal infrastructure has around 170,000 speakers spread throughout the space in order to provide everyone with high-quality audio. The space accommodates 18,600 people.

The arena is owned by the Sphere Entertainment Company, run by James Dolan. The American businessman is also the CEO of the Madison Square Garden Entertainment Company, owner of Madison Square Garden – one of the main arenas in New York City.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/arena-sphere-em-las-vegas-e-inaugurada-com-show-do-u2/

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