Lawsuit claims more than 12,000 female employees are paid less than colleagues in similar positions

Apple is being accused of gender pay disparity by two employees. According to the lawsuit filed in a San Francisco state court, more than 12,000 female employees receive lower wages than their colleagues working in the engineering, marketing and AppleCare divisions. The information is from Reuters.

According to the British agency, the accusation states that the salary difference is accentuated due to the way Apple establishes employees’ starting salaries. According to the complaint, the big tech sets compensation based on salaries from previous jobs or “salary expectations” candidates in violation of the California Equal Pay Act.

Since 2018, the North American State has prohibited employers from setting employee remuneration based on questions to candidates about their salary history. The measure aims to eliminate pay disparities based on sex and race.

Furthermore, the company’s employees say that the system of salary increases and bonuses granted to employees is biased against women.

In response, Apple stated that it is committed to inclusion and pay equality, stating that, since 2017, it has achieved and maintained pay equality between men and women, carrying out annual reviews for necessary salary adjustments.

“Since 2017, Apple has achieved and maintained equal pay for men and women, and every year we partner with an independent expert to examine each team member’s total compensation and make adjustments where necessary to ensure we maintain equal pay. ”declared the big tech.

The lawsuit also accuses Apple of violating other state laws against sexual bias in the workplace and unfair business practices. Apple employee Justina Jong alleges the company refused to transfer her after she complained of sexual harassment by a co-worker.


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