Commercial flights started this Monday (May 27th); possible operationalization still needs approval from other bodies

Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) is considering receiving international flights at the Canoas Air Base (RS). This Monday (May 27, 2024), the location received the first commercial flight since it was enabled after flooding at Salgado Filho International Airport, in Porto Alegre (RS).

The proposal to internationalize the military base came from the Ministry of Ports and Airports, which is studying the possibility of incorporating flights from abroad from June onwards. However, the operation would require the approval of several federal bodies that operate in international traffic, such as customs and health issues.

O Poder360 found that Fraport, administrator of Salgado Filho and commercial operations at Canoas Air Base, considers that the location would still need to undergo infrastructure changes to receive international flights.

Asked about the possibility, Anac said that, for now, efforts are focused on making domestic operations in Canoas viable and that “subsequently, the necessary assessments will be made for a possible internationalization of the air base”.

Here is the full note from Anac:

“Yes, Anac received manifestations with a view to the possible internationalization of the Canoas Air Base (RS) for the operation of commercial flights.

“However, the internationalization of the air base depends on the analysis of other federal public bodies that must necessarily take care of issues such as customs (Federal Revenue), border police (Federal Police) and public health (Anvisa), for example.

“For now, the joint efforts of the Ministry of Ports and Airports, Anac and the Air Force Command are being carried out to enable domestic air operations in Canoas.

“The focus is on expanding and consolidating domestic operations. Subsequently, the necessary assessments will be made for a possible internationalization of the air base.”


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